Acadiana Serves adult programs provides a pathway for all adult players (ages 18+). Classes are designed for all levels from beginners who have never picked up a racquet to experienced players who will be joining our weekly and monthly social and community events.

Each class incorporates different skills for all adults.

  • Our beginner classes (Rally Now 1) teach the fundamentals of tennis which show new players how to rally the ball in the1st class!
  • Our advanced beginner classes (Rally Now 2) are perfect for adults who have played tennis in the past and want to get back into the sport and clean up their skills and advance to join league play and other.
  • Our Drop In Adult Drills are designed for more experienced players who can sustain at least a 10-ball rally and have match play experience to practice their skills and continue the sport they love.
  • All levels are guaranteed to give you a great workout and improve your tennis skills while having fun and meeting new people.