Adaptive Tennis is for athletes with developmental or physical conditions or disabilities designed to meet their range of special needs.

Tennis can be adapted so that everyone can participate in the sport. People of any age, environment, condition or ability are invited to enjoy the game.

Our specialized Play-based curriculum encourages social interaction, basic athletic skills, hand-eye coordination, balance and, of course, a love of tennis. Every Special Needs Tennis class has an appropriate coach-to-student ratio. Athletes have the opportunity to form bonds with their coaches and with their fellow players. All sessions are supervised by highly trained and qualified coaches.  

The Special Needs Tennis environment is both structured and flexible, with developmentally appropriate equipment that will help athletes feel successful with every swing.



Tennis is a popular sport played by players of all ages, at all levels of ability. Athletes are trained in all aspects of the game, including stroke production, court craft and rules of competition. The sport emphasizes values, such as fair play, sportsmanship and respect for fellow competitors. Tennis is not only fun to play, but it is a lifetime sport activity that is fun to practice and fun to learn.


  • Provide fun, active and supportive environment for our athletes to grow physically and personally by engaging in activities that impact athletic, social and emotional development


  • Learning tennis in a fun, active, supportive environment
  • Athlete will acquire basic tennis skills
  • Work on agility, ball control and tracking, coordination, balance, speed and strength
  • Improve reflexes, enhance mental alertness and appropriate social behavior
  • Functional knowledge of the rules necessary to participate successfully in tennis competition


  • Physical benefits: improve balance, mobility, agility, strength and fitness, burn calories
  • Mental benefits: works on focus, concentration and reactive and problem-solving behaviors
  • Emotional benefits: can promote self-confidence, instill feelings of success, relieve stress and provide social outlets





9:00am-10:00am (5&Over, Elementary and Middle School students)

10:00am-11:00am ( High School students and older)


ENROLL  9:00AM-10:00AM 1x A WEEK/ $60 A MONTH

ENROLL 10:00AM-11:00AM 1x A WEEK/ $60 A MONTH


September: 11, 18, 25, Oct 2

October: 9, 16, 23, 30

November: 6, 13, 20 (3 sessions only)

December: 4, 11, 18 ( 3 sessions only)

PAY $30 Registration Fee HERE

*1x $30 Registration fee for new players (per family) required to be able to enroll in our programs

*Multiple sibling discount available

*Monthly fee is prorated for number of session left in the month if a player joins once the month is in progress.

*Monthly fee pays for 4 weeks of training. If a month offers more than 4 weeks of training then extra sessions in that month are used as a possible make up days. If there is no rain players get that extra session for free.