THE chanda rubin foundation

The Chanda Rubin Foundation is a private non-profit organization created in 1998 for the purpose of providing a funding source for scholarships for deserving youths, and to offer support to community-based organizations involved in the educational and athletic development of our youth.

Education is a key to success and athletics can provide not only educational opportunities, but mental strength and confidence as well. Specifically, tennis is a sport for a lifetime and mirrors many of life's important lessons such as resilience, individuality as well as working as a team, self-motivation, and never giving up.

The Foundation's main objective will focus on helping to maximize educational and athletic potential. This will be done through scholarships to educational institutions, grants to qualified organizations with similar objectives, and co-sponsoring educational and athletic activities. The Foundation will also endeavor to support organizations and programs that provide activities and preventive measures to deter alcohol and drug abuse.

One major success of the Foundation was the creation of an American ITF Junior Circuit. These tournaments have become part of the USTA ITF Junior Circuit and continue to provide playing and developmental opportunities to American juniors as well as juniors from around the world. 

Foundation funding will be acquired from grants, fundraising events, auctions, and personal contributions.